Irie Maffia was formed in 2005. Mixing reggae, hip-hop, rock, funk and electronica, they grew quickly into one of the best concert bands in Hungary. In the past ten years the “maffia” played on every main stages of the Hungarian festival scene, including the greatest one, Sziget Festival, of which they wrote and recorded the Anthem in 2015. The band – with a frontwoman coming from half Hungarian and half Ghanaian background, and as such, being a real international multicultural superstar - had great shows throughout Europe as well. They played in the Netherlands, France, Germany, England, Austria, Slovakia and Serbia, and usually make a tour in Transsylvania every year. In 2015 they even played 4 shows in New York. Irie Maffia also have two MCs: MC Kemon, who was born in Grenada, has lived in Hungary since his age of 14 and is an expert in dancehall music; and MC Columbo with his authentic jamaican flow who has singles in various genres like reggae, hip-hop or even drum and bass.