Dunapest Festival

Dunapest festival, which was first organized in 2017, aims to explore the Danube from cultural and urbanistic perspectives, since the river significantly defines the life of Budapest, as well as making a natural and cultural bond between countries and traditions. The festival opens a professional forum focusing on the Danube and reinterprets its cultural, functional and social role.

Besides its entertaining function, Dunapest helps to find the ever-renewing connection between river and city, seeks for inspiration and possibilities for cooperation in Hungary and abroad as well. In order to do so, the festival hosts bands from Austria and Romania; Marek KamiƄski from Poland, who canoed along the Vistula River; WWF, which is entitled in the reservation of the Danube's natural environment; activities for children by Deák17 Galéria, and so on.

We explore and take over more and more venues, such as Népsziget, that hosts concerts in a picturesque environment or Budafok, where unconventional artistic projects happen. Moreover, the festival sets sails along the Danube with concerts and literary programs. At Dunapest, the common history of the Danube and Budapest is as important as the exploration of their future.

At the end of the summer we have the chance to get closer to the Danube with more than 100 cultural programs at 12 venues along the river.